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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which stretchers is it compatible with?
    The YAKwheel comes with a universal adapter for compatibility with almost any stretcher. We also collaborate with specific stretcher manufacturers to provide custom attachments for easier and faster setup.
  • How long does the battery last?
    The battery has a substantial lifespan, dependent on factors like terrain steepness and stretcher load. It ensures sufficient power for an average rescue. Carrying an extra battery for quick replacement is also an option.
  • What if the battery runs out during a rescue?
    Even with a depleted battery, the YAKwheel can still be used manually, behaving like a regular wheel.
  • Does it feature regenerative braking?
    Yes, the YAKwheel incorporates regenerative braking, aiding in speed reduction while generating electricity during downhill maneuvers.
  • Can it operate in snowy conditions?
    The YAKwheel can navigate on thin compact snow but in powder snow it gets stuck like any wheel.
  • How do we transport the YAKwheel?
    Mount the YAKwheel on your stretcher at the start of the rescue, enabling you to approach the injured person with the assembled stretcher. It also provides a convenient space to carry additional equipment.
  • Do you make stretchers?
    No, we collaborate with established stretcher manufacturers to ensure compatibility and enhance the overall rescue system.
  • Is the YAKwheel available for purchase? Where can we buy it?
    Yes, the YAKwheel is available for purchase. For pricing and sales inquiries, please contact us directly to request a quotation.


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